Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shree Digambar Jain Parasnath Mandir Belgachia, Kolkata (West Bengal)

Shree Digambar Jain Parasnath Mandir is located at Belgachia in Kolkata ,West Bengal. The magnificent temple of Baghwan Paraswanath is situated in a beautiful garden at Belgachia in the heart of Kolkata. It is a century old temple and its building was renovated as per plan of Mr. Brown the famous architect of Victoria Memorial in the year 1914.The main idol of Tirthankara Parswanath - the 23rd tirthankara (877-777 B.C.) was installed in the year 1914.This artistic Nagar style temple, with ornamental pillars and sculptures copied from the old jain temples and caves, casting its shadow in the adjoining tank creates a picturesque scenery. The temple is surrounded by a beautiful garden. A unique 81 feet high Mana Stambha (Pillar) with sparking white marble is installed recently. The spectacular Rath-yatra of Baghwan Parasnath with a colorful procession of several Bajan mandalies and jankhis arrives here on Kartik Purnima of each year.

History of the Birth of Shree Narsingpura Digambar Jain community

The Community of Narsingpura was established way back to 1900 years from today by Shrimad Raamsen Aacharya.The place of Raamsen Aacharya in Kashta sangh (sangh-Body of Pilgrims.Kashta sangh established in 8th century A.D by Kumarsena in Mathura.).was similar to the place of kundkunda Aachraya in Mool Sangh.There is no information or records of birthplace,childhood etc, of Raamsen Aachraya .Raamsen Aachraya was 1st spiritual teacher of Kaashta Sangh,Nanditar gacha & Vidyagane.He was initiated by Nopsenaacharya .This was mentioned in his book called tatwanushaasan.Veerchandra,Subhadev,Mahendradev & Vijaydev were four teachers who imparted knowledge to Raamsen Aachraya ,Raamsen was very learned .his charater was pure.Out of 500 Nopsen students ,four were prominent seeing them they were debating among themselves Novsen Aachraya sent them to different regions for propagating religion . With his 500 pupils Raamsen went to Mewad. Credit goes to Raamsen for propagating Jain religion to entire south belt of Rajasthan. He had transformed Kashtriya (warrir cast) of Mewad to Jain . He had established 11 Jain communities . Narsinhapure , Bhatvera (Mewad) chitod , vaach, vagherwal etc. casts were established in second century of era of Vikram .Raamsen Aacharaya died on Thursday Vikram Samvat 181 on full moon day of month of maagh.During Vikram Samvat 1974 keshamkirtijee Maharaj was expired at Pratapghad.Bhattarak Yashkirtijee Maharaj had taken his place in Vikram Samvat 1974.the two disciples of Bhattarak Yashkirtijee Maharaj 1,Pandit Raamchandraji & 2 ,Daadamchandji have gathered the information of history of Narsingpura community .Our of which one part was recited every year on hindu new year day (1st working moon day of month of Kaartaka) at Narsinhajee's wadi-Kalol,which was then published due to the demand of Narsingpura Digambar Jain Panch-Kalol.The language of the description was mixture of Gujarati & Baagadi .During the period of Bhttarak Shree Arhad Vallabhkirti there were four gacha(group) 1,Nanditat gacha 2,Mathur gacha 3, Laal Vaagad gacha 4, Punnat gacha. Arhad Vallabhaacharya had five pupils namely Sangsen,Naysen,Naagsen,Sopasen & Arnasen four students of Nopsen had three varieties of knowledge & out of which one was Raamsen .In North Mewad there was adversity in religion .Hence Nopsen had permitted Raamsen to propagate & promote true religion there.Raamsen along with his 500 pupils came to Narsingpura Patan of Mewad & there at the bank of a lake he performed Saamayik -Pratikraman. (Saamatik-Mediation or taking a vow to devote a particular time every day to contemplation or mediation of the self for spiritual advancement.Pratikraman- repentance of all transgressions or recitation of the formulas of confession of past (faults.)On Sunday the 13th working moon day of month of phalgun somwar 102 Narsingpura Community was established in which there were 108 kul (tribe) and 27 gotra (family) along with their lords (deities) & goddesses. Having thus established Digambar Jain religion Muni Maharaj had laid down certain principles (conditions,vows)to be followed ,like not to drink unpure or unfiltered water,not to wear bangles made up of elephant teeth,not to eat hing(Asafoetida),particular type of ghee,no food after sunset or dinner at night,not to eat underground fleshy roots no green vegetables on every 2nd ,5th ,8th ,11th & 14th of working &working moon days of every month,observe fast & follow 180 vows of shravaka ,build jain temples,with jain deities & follow Digambar jain religion.There are 24 Bhattarak after Raamsen Aachraya .During the period of 24th Bhattarak Laghu Sahastickirti samvat 275 chittirghad in Mewad was attached by nine lakh soldiers of the emperor & the nation was divided . Hence out of 24 gotra there 10 went to Gujarat & stayed at Praantij town.Other 1350 famalies also ceme along with them.They stayed there for 111 years.Thus from Mewad (Rajashtan)Narsingpura entered Gujarat.